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Bactrack select s80 breathalyzer review

Product Profile - BACtrack Select S80 Breathalyzer

Even the smallest alcohol in an indivdual's system, the BACtrack Select S80 Breathalyzer is proficient of detecting. It can be properly used in different types of circumstances, may it be law and safety enforcement to employees or perhaps to hospital employees. You can also utilize it personally as well. It's appropriate for alcohol treatment centers and the like because the S80's primary edge is the zero-tolerance behavior.

The device comes portable as it's as only big as a cellular phone. You can carry it with you any where since it comes very handy. The device is efficient at carrying out 1,500 tests; you just have to put AA batteries inside it. It utilizes an enhanced Fuel-Cell Sensor called XtendT Sensor Technology which helps it to identify even traces of alcohol correctly.

Technical Information

. LCD display

. Quick, accurate test results

. All results are available in extended accuracy format

. 1 button operation

. Mouthpieces individually wrapped for safe safe-keeping

. Can offer linear accuracy

. Extended battery hours

BACtrack Select S80 Breathalyzer Reviews

The BACtrack Select S80 Alcohol Detector is quick and precise in tracing alcohol in your blood. They thought it was the perfect breathalyzer for not only hospitals, clinics, law enforcement department, but for private use.

Several people have been of the viewpoint that this product gave them good bargain for money mainly because it has an extended life for its sensors in contrast to other semiconductor-based breath analyzers. S80 owners are happy with the product's nominal maintenance and they are really happy with its performance. People were fascinated by its battery life also, including the quantity of tests it's capable of doing. This is the rationale why BACtrack Select S80 Breathalyzer comes extremely mobile. Most individuals were of the viewpoint that the S80 had a very friendly user interface that crafted its operations straight forward and simple. Results come steady and precise delivered right on time.

An additional highlight of such product is the fact that mouth pieces does not have to be inserted, touched or replaced. Risks of being contaminated by some other saliva are not possible. You don't have to replace or purchase mouthpieces for this gadget that is why it can help you save lots of money.

It is not only due to the performance the product, but as well as the appealing design had also impressed people. The exceptional BluFire light which made all people want to check out their alcohol levels. In short, the BACtrack Select S80 Breathalyzer is a product that has obtained high ratings from users and they could have no trouble suggesting it to their family and friends.

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